PotW: Duet Display

January 31, 2021

Duet Display
If you are like me, you are always looking for more screen real estate.  One screen simply won’t do in my line of work.  I don’t have one of the latest iPads and am rocking this on an iPad Mini 2 still stuck on iOS 12.  I didn’t let that stop me and that is where Duet Display comes into play.  All I have to do is install the Duet App from the ios App Store and plug in my iPad into my computer through one of the USB-C ports.  

Duet Settings Screen

The great thing about this application is that you can choose to mirror your display if you are working on a presentation.  I also have the ability to use the touch controls my iPad connected to the machine.  The other thing that sets this apart is that you don’t have to be tethered via the wire.  If you opt for Duet-Air, you can get all of these capabilities over the air via Wifi.  I’ve used both the air and the tethered version and on my Wireless AC network there is a little lag, but nothing to ruin the experience overall. 

If you want to bring the touch bar over, that is supported as well, but I am not a crazy man. This brings instant productivity to my road-warrior setup or will be useful for the days if I ever work from a hotel again.  I connect the iPad to my MacBook Pro’s screen with Side-mount Clip by IUME.  This keeps it in place with a nice soft grip and a tightening mechanism that won’t damage the screen.  A one pack cost $8.99 and a two pack starts at $11.99.  I opted for the two pack and it really does work. 

Zoomed In iPad

Duet Display isn’t limited to just MacOs, it also supports Windows and Android operating systems.  The price starts at just $9.99.  So if you have an old iPad or Android tablet, I would recommend you give this a try. If you do try it out let us know what you think in the Discord server. 

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