PotW: Teleprompt.me

January 17, 2021

Teleprompt.me is a new version of a teleprompting software that I find very easy to use. The teleprompter is now activated by your voice.  I have tried it and I can say that it works fantastic.  Once we start to produce video segments for this show, it will be a great tool to try out.

  1. Works in all browsers, and on your phone or tablet.  (I will be re-purposing my ancient iPad mini 2 for this purpose)
  2. It works in English, Spanish, German, and Dutch
  3. There is nothing to download

The alignment supports centered and left.  Text sizes go range from Huge to Extra Small.  The text can also be mirrored if you are using a teleprompter mirror.

The free version is limited to 1000 lines, and only one script at a time, the paid version cost $84 for an entire year with early-bird pricing.  There will also be discounts for educators if you use the link provided on the site.

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