David Recordon Named White House Director of Technology

January 10, 2021

A man named David Recordon has been named White House Director of Technology as part of the Office of Management and Administration under the next Joe Biden Administration. This is a position that is currently held by David Lambrecht under the Trump Administration. Now, normally we don’t dabble in politics on this show that often, but this isn’t just politics. This is technology politics. So, let’s see what David is all about and what it could mean for our nation.

According to ZDNet, David has devoted his career to open source software. He worked for Facebook where he held the enviable position of Engineering Director. There he worked on Phabricator which was used to do code review of web apps and Cassandra, an Apache distributed database management system. He also worked on HipHop, a PHP to C++  source code translator; and Apache Thrift, a software framework, for scalable cross-language services development. His LinkedIn profile states that he was the Special Assistant to the President, which led to his appointment as the Director of White House Information Technology, a new position that was created for him by the Obama Administration. While there he took President Obama from a BlackBerry to an iPhone, deployed WiFi around the White House, and put the Administration in the cloud with Amazon AWS. So, this isn’t his first time working with the Federal Government. According to a statement from the Biden Administration, ” Recordon learned to program at the public elementary school he attended and has spent his almost two-decade career working at the intersection of technology, security, open source software, public service and philanthropy.”

Even through all of that, David is probably most famous for helping develop a little technology called OpenID and OAuth. While OpenID has fallen out of favor with many of its original adopters, OAuth is still going strong and is supported by Google, Microsoft, and Facebook.

The future of technology in America may begin to change with David at the helm. He will face many challenges upon accepting the position, such as Big Tech regulations, Net Neutrality, Broadband Expansion, Facial Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, and Predictive Analytics. 

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