PotW: Unitron Cellphone Stand Portable Phone Holder

December 20, 2020

When I used to fly a-lot, I would like to load my phone up with movies to make the time go by.  One of the gadgets I used was a nifty phone holder that fit in the seat back.  It’s called the Unitron Cell Phone Holder

It will work with Android and iPhone devices so no one is left out.  It works by fitting on the back of your seat back with he drop down tray that is normally reserved for your food and drinks. 
It’s also portable.  I grab it and throw it in my back pack and take it out shortly after I get on the plane.  It saves me from having to play the balancing act on the airplane tray as well as saves my hand from cramping up while holding up the phone.

It will also work on a desk or flat surface thank to it’s 360-degree rotating arm.  The stand is  multi-angle so you shouldn’t have any problem with the viewing angle from your smartphone’s display.  Your phone’s hefty weight also won’t keep this beast down.  This stand works just as good with my Galaxy S9+ as it does with my iPhone 11 Pro.

I’ve used it on over 20 flights and it keeps on ticking.  For the price of $12.99 you won’t be disappointed.  It will make a great stocking-stuffer. The other people on the airplane will ask you where you got it, and you can tell them, I got it from Amazon.

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