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Today we’re going to kick things off by talking about some details of the recent SolarWinds hack that lead us believe that up to 18,000 SolarWinds customers could be in danger. We’re then going to talk about how things aren’t looking good in Night City on the PlayStation. Following that Ian and I talk with Naomic Buckwalter and then Ian will help us get ready for Christmas with some spiked holiday eggnog. We will then review the KringleCon hacker challenge from SANS and a cellphone holder from Unitron. And before we close out the hour, we will go over the micro text editor for the command line-inclined.

Time Warp (Powered by a Real Flux Capacitor!)

0:24 – Skip Intro Music
1:36 – SolarWinds Hack Could Affect 18K Customers
5:58 – Cyberpunk 2077 Pulled From Sony Stores
11:40 – Interview: Naomi Buckwalter
37:47 – Iron Chef Ian: Spiked Egg Nog
41:27 – PotW: KringleCon3
44:30 – PotW: Unitron Cellphone Holder
46:27 – Learning Linux: micro Text Editor
52:21 – Special Announcements
52:50 – Contact Us

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