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Today we’re doing to discuss the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 and SaleForce’s purchase of Slack. We then have a great interview with Jose Olaya–he’s back for a second round–to talk ARM chips. Ian will then tell us how to make a Hainanese Chicken and Rice dish. Following that, we will review an app called Billbot and the MagSafe Duo Pro from Apple. Lastly, we will discuss a top replacement called bottom. Stick around to hear more.

Time Warp (Powered by a Real Flux Capacitor!)

0:24 – Skip Intro Music
1:11 – Discord Announcement 
1:40 – SalesForce to Purchase Slack 
4:48 – IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020
7:58 – Interview: Jose Olaya
38:09 – Iron Chef Ian: Hainanese Chicken and Rice
42:55 – PoTW: Billbot
47:30 – PoTW: MagSafe Duo Pro
52:31 – Learning Linux: Bottom
57:47 – Special Announcements
58:18 – Contact Us

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