November 22, 2020

My pick this week is a free little program that will make you feel like your either the ultimate hacker or will feel like you live in the world of TRON. It is called eDEX-UI. It is a fullscreen, cross-platform terminal emulator and system monitor program. It is fully functional and all of the data in the interface comes directly from your computer. Nothing is superficial here. It provides real-time information about your CPU, memory, drive utilization, swap utilization, external IP, active connections, and transfer rates. To put a cherry on top, it even has TRON-like sound effects. All of this can be changed with a little know-how, since it is an open-source project. If you don’t like something, you can change it by modifying some simple config files! It even has a directory viewer that stays in sync with the terminal, which means you don’t have to launch any sort of external file explorer to see what is in a specific directory (bar using ls or dir).

Which reminds me, did I mention it’s available for Windows and Mac? That’s right, this is not a Linux-only terminal emulator! GitSquared, the developer from France, has even compiled installers for all three operating systems, making installation super-simple. But, it can be found in most Linux distro repositories and homebrew on the Mac. Being open-source, sometimes documentation can be … lacking, but not here. This project is well documented and polished. You can easily report issues that you find and the developers stay active on the project. Overall, you can tell this is a labor of love and they want to share it with everyone. You can find out more on their Github page and also download your copy from there today. Links are included in our show notes.

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