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Today we’re going to discuss some news that will interest those in Enterprise settings with Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday for November. We will also talk about how GoDaddy got socially engineered. Following the news we will hear the second part of our interview with Ian Clark and then our own Ian will tell us how to deal with all of those Thanksgiving Turkey leftovers. We will review a open-source, command line utility interface and then Ian will tell us all about his experience with NVIDIA GeForce Now. Lastly, we will look at a utility called Climate, which aims to make your Linux command line experience even better. So, grab that Pumpkin’ Spiced Latte, wrap up in a blanket, and join us for our Thanksgiving episode. Now on with the news.

Time Warp (Powered by a Real Flux Capacitor!)

0:24 – Skip Intro Music
1:24 – Microsoft Patches Kerberos
4:17 – GoDaddy Not Immune to Social Engineering
7:14 – Interview: Ian Clark
29:10 – Iron Chef Ian: Best Turkey Sandwich Ever
32:28 – PoTW: eDEX-UI
34:35 – PoTW: NVIDIA GeForce Now
38:51 – Learning Linux: Climate CLI Utility
44:20 – Special Announcements
45:03 – Contact Us

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Guest Interview


  • Iron Chef Ian: Best Turkey Sandwich Ever

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