PotW: CTF Time

November 15, 2020

I was helping teach a cybersecurity class this week and the students wanted to know how to get better at cybersecurity. I suggested they enter some CTF’s. For those that are unaware, CTFs are Capture The Flags. These are competitions where you can work solo or as a team to try to break into networks.

There are also defense oriented CTFs where you have to defend the network. These exercises increase team morale as well as increase team cohesion. The scoring element of these events also make them fun endeavors. So, this week’s pick is CTF Time.

CTF Time is a website dedicated to helping you find free and paid upcoming CTFs. The site includes upcoming events.

CTF Time also lets you create teams  which you can then place on the site’s leader board for friendly competition. I have personally competed in about 9 CTFs through SANS and other institutions and I highly encourage anyone in the infosec/cybersecurity to take advantage of these wonderful opportunities. 

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