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This week we’re going to talk about Apple’s new M1 chips and the devices they’re being slotted into. We’ll also discuss how ransomware is turning to social media to fill the coffers. After the news, we will have an interview with Ian Clarke, a young up and comer with some advice for those entering the field of cyber security. Following the interview we will honor Diwali with a Chicken 65 dish. Then we’ll look over an app called Listy and a great site to find capture the flag events for our Security Engineers. Lastly, we will discuss Moore’s Law and leave it on a cliffhanger. You’ve been warned.

Time Warp (Powered by a Real Flux Capacitor!)

0:24 – Skip Intro Music
1:22 – Apple’s New M1 Chip
7:03 – Ransomware Groups Turn to Social Media
11:15 – Interview: Ian Clarke
33:09 – Iron Chef Ian: Chicken 65
38:11 – PotW: Listy App (Apple App Store)
41:10 – PotW: CTF Time
43:43 – Engineering Explained: Moore’s Law
49:05 – Special Announcements
49:39 – Contact Us

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