PotW: Spacetime 2.0 (Apple AppStore)

November 8, 2020

A lot of our Engineers have passions outside of technology, but still somewhat related to technology. I have known a lot of Engineers out there that love space. They are often inspired by Star Wars and Star Trek as a kid, fascinated by the unknown and seemingly unlimited potential of it that frontier, and love its intersection with technology when it comes to rocket launches. A lot of Engineers enjoy watching these launches that now stream live on YouTube directly from SpaceX. They also love keeping up with who is in space at any given time and when the next launch will be. That is why today my pick of the week is an app that will make tracking those launches easier. It’s called Spacetime 2.0 for iOS. 

Spacetime 2.0 is free in the Apple App Store and is a hub for anything related to space launches. The developer calls it, “the space industry in your pocket.” It’s for those that love watching all of the launches, keeping up with everything that’s in space, or for those that just get excited about this unexplored frontier. This is the 2.0 release and it brings new features like iPad support, better notifications, widgets for your Home Screen, more information at a glance, and the ability to add launch events to your personal calendar so you don’t miss a single one! If you want to support this developer’s efforts there is an option to send them $3 a month, but right there there no are seeming benefits to paying this other than a pledge of support. If you like this app and want to continue to see it thrive, it might be worth the spend. 

Download it, use it, and let us know what you think!

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