PotW: AppShopper

November 8, 2020

As our listeners know, I recently switched full time to iOS. I need apps and replacements for their Android counterparts. When I was googling for free apps, I came across this great site. AppShopper does the hard work of finding previously paid apps which are now free. 

AppShopper also lists apps that are on sale and sorts them by the same categories you will find in the app store. The first app that I downloaded was tldr-pages, which DJ mentioned in the previous week’s episode.

Free 99 is my favorite price!

Mac users won’t be left out either as there are plenty of deals to be had. In fact I took advantage of a great game called Chaos of Deponia which was discounted to $0.99 from its normal price of $19.99.

The animation in this game is gorgeous.

If you want to track games that go on sale, well AppShopper takes care of that as well. Once you sign up, you will be able to add software to your wish list to make sure you never pay full price again. 

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