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Today we’re going to discuss a few different things. For the news we will discuss the new Raspberry Pi 400 and look at a Holiday Pre-Order Round-Up just in time for the holidays. After the news we will talk to Jack Rhysider who hosts the wonderful Darknet Diaries podcast. Then, Ian will delight us all with a sweet treat and help us make some warm 5 minute peach cobbler. Following that we will look at two apps that will put you over the moon: Spacetime 2.0 and AppShopper. Bringing up the rear, we will leave a tip with Teachable Moments. Now, on to the news!

Time Warp (Powered by a Real Flux Capacitor!)

0:24 – Skip Intro Music
1:15 – RaspberryPi 400 Keyboard
4:07 – Holiday Pre-Order Round-Up
10:08 – Interview: Jack Rhysider
33:49 – Iron Chef Ian: 5 Minute Peach Cobbler
36:44 – PotW: Spacetime 2.0
39:16 – PotW: AppShopper
41:01 – Leave a Tip: Teachable Moments
43:48 – Special Announcements
44:29 – Contact Us

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