PotW: 2020 US Elections Insights

November 1, 2020

My Pick of the Week is a site called 2020 US Elections Insights. With U.S. Presidential elections coming up in a few days at the time of this show’s recording, I have come across a site that bills itself as, “One dashboard. A million insights.” Their pitch is this: “Manually analyzing … zillions of signals from various media outlets, influencers, and other users on social media to decode how the presidential and vice-presidential candidates are doing can be daunting to say the least. What they are saying and what’s being said about them can get muddled, one with the other. With Social Animal’s 2020 US Election Dashboard, you are putting to use cutting-edge Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing technology to do the decoding for you. This way, you can cut through the fluff and get straight to the meaty parts that matter.”

Here’s what you get on the site:
– Trending News for each candidate
– Sentiment of articles, such as positive, negative, and neutral
– State sentiment for each candidate
– Keywords and Trending topics for each candidate
– Top domains sharing political content

This site is everything you might want to look for in one place. Their claim to fame is just that and it works. So head over to election.socialanimal.com and see for yourself.

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