Ian Get’s an iPhone

November 1, 2020

Hello Engineers, I want to talk about my switch back to the iPhone. Work recently provided me with a 64 GB iPhone 11 Pro. Getting back into the Apple world in the phone space has been eye opening. These are my impressions after a week of full time usage.

Build Quality

The phone is built like a tank and there is some definite heft to it. It gives it a much more satisfying feeling that my aging Samsung Galaxy S9+ doesn’t have. The fit and finish seem really nice, but most of that will be ignored once I put it in a case.

Screen Size

While I do prefer the larger size of my S9+, I have quickly gotten used to the 6.1″ diameter of the iPhone 11 Pro. I hold my phone in either one hand or two hands, but I don’t have the biggest hands in the world, so I have gotten used to it.


99% of all the apps I have on my Android are also available in the App Store. The major difference is the quality of the apps. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but the iPhone versions of the apps I use on Android do seem to be higher quality. That might be due to some of the animations that are part of iOS that make it feel snappy.

It’s sad, but I also get my beloved Dark Sky weather app back. (Ed. Note: After Apple acquired it.)


I have taken a few test shots side by side with the S9+ and the differences I see so far pertain to the color temperature. The S9+ shots tend to be on the warmer side, and the iPhone 11 Pro shots favor a cooler temperature. Overall both get the job done.


I must say that the FaceID combined with LastPass, make using the phone a breeze. It is fast and is a huge improvement for quality of life for having to authenticate. I thought I was going to miss the fingerprint unlock, but I have been proven wrong.


The new iOS 14 is pretty nice. The widgets are a nice touch and the scrolling widget offers some great space savings features on the home page. The App Library is nice, but I don’t find myself using it all that much. It was a pain getting my apps in their folders, and I definitely wish Apple would update this design. It’s been 13 years and app organization remains the same.

I have gotten used to the multitasking gestures and it isn’t so bad.

Notifications continue to be better on Android and I know Apple can fix this. It still takes too long to clear up notifications.

Overall, I am really impressed after a week of usage. In fact, I think I will be getting the iPhone 12 Pro Max when it is released on the 6th of November. Apple really does make a quality of product and I am excited to make this my daily driver for the next 2-3 years.

DJ’s Take

I also can’t wait to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro Max, as I am coming from the humble iPhone X. Even though it is a few years old, it is still a top performer. I am just looking forwarder to the camera advances and larger screen.

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