PotW: Siri Shortcuts Catalog

October 25, 2020

One feature that I have admired most about iOS has been its Siri Shortcuts app. I always had high hopes for it, but the learning curve for it has been steep to do anything truly powerful. Sometimes I could find random pre-made shortcuts online or browse some subreddits to find shortcuts that might do something I liked, but there was not a lot in terms of putting a lot of these shortcuts in one searchable, curated database. That was until today.

Matthew Cassinelli has made the Siri Shortcuts Catalog. He has combined over 300 shortcuts and 300 actions on his site and has categorized them into different topographical groups. There are a lot of different shortcuts to select from ranging from Voice, Messaging, Photographic, Internet, to Apple Music, and so many more. There are even several shortcuts dedicated to podcasts! 

So, if you ever wanted to take advantage of Siri Shortcuts, but didn’t have the time to make them from scratch or found it too overwhelming, you should checkout the Siri Shortcuts Catalog by Matthew Cassinelli. It’s a free resource, but he does offer a membership option which allows him to keep the site going. With the membership you will get bonus information and different ways to browse the site, pre-release shortcuts and actions before they go into the free catalog, and private notes on workflows before they’re published.

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