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Today we’re going to discuss Zoom’s End-to-End Encryption and a Microsoft Patch Tuesday worth paying attention to. Afterwards, we will sit down for our second interview with Gerald Auger and even discuss some of his work with NIST. Following that we will learn how to make some homemade poptarts with Iron Chef Ian and then move into our picks this week: XBOX GamePass and a Humble Bundle from Sybex. Wrapping things up, we will Leave a Tip about LEDs.

Time Warp (Powered by a Real Flux Capacitor!)

0:24 – Skip Intro Music
1:33 – Zoom Encryption
7:17 – Microsoft Patch Tuesday Notes
10:41 – Interview: Gerald Auger
36:43 – Iron Chef Ian: Home Made Poptarts
42:04 – PoTW: XBOX GamePass
45:58 – PoTW: Humble Bundle by Sybex
49:19 – Leave a Tip: LEDs
51:34 – Special Announcements
52:12 – Contact Us

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Guest Interview


  • Home Made Pop Tarts

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