Thank you for joining us for another great episode of the Back From the Future Show. This week we have an exciting new segment in store for you. It’s an interview with a friend of the podcast, Caleb Jones. We’re going to discuss his entry into the IT field, which might knock loose the cobwebs for some of us folks that have been in the industry for a while now. Things are always changing rapidly and his story might be different from the one you had as you entered into this field. But, first we’ll get to the news by discussing some big news from Microsoft, what we learned about Apple’s ARM-based future, and a hot take from a Redditor on TikTok. Ian and I will discuss our upcoming certifications (some things have changed) and Ian will refresh us with a cool banana smoothie recipe, just in time for summer. Plus, to wrap things up Ian will tell us about two new picks which revolve around resumes and recommendation letters. 

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