This week will Ian will be discussing “The Cloud,” with me, someone who is increasingly passionate about this topic and anything else cloud-related. We know the cloud is the future and we want to share that with all of you. We will also discuss Zoom’s reversal on end-to-end encryption, connectivity problems at the Internet Archive, and a bunch of cool new IMAX documentaries coming to Hulu. Ian will tell us all about how to cook a down home, Southern favorite, Collard Greens, and then we have two great services to discuss called Cloudflare TV and Speedify.

Helpful Links

Wired: Zoom Reverses Course on Encryption for All Users
Internet Archive Bandwidth Blog Post
Engadget: Hulu to Stream IMAX Documentaries
IMAX Hulu Documentary Press Release
Github OpenFaaS Project
Cloudflare TV

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